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Wolfe & Sons Performance specializes in sport specific strength and conditioning training that is tailored to each individual and each sport position/event. Our fitness programs are designed to decrease injury and consequently, improve your performance and career longevity.

Our programs are primarily online based programs that enable our athletes to complete their workouts at any location - on the road, in the gym, at home, and/or outside your performance arena. All programs are accessible through the "Fit by Wix" app.


Purchase your training program, download the app, and maximize your potential. 

Lastly, we offer specialized at home/arena training, where we come to you. These sessions are designed for in-person fitness assessments, training familiarization, and exercise technique instruction. 


Use the links below to select the plan the works best for you! 



  • Best Value

    Online Training

    Every month
    Online Sport Specific/Individualized Fitness Training
    • Includes 4 weeks of online individualized fitness training
  • Fitness & Corrective

    Every month
    Sport Specific Fitness Plan with Corrective Exercise Plan
    • Fitness Program
    • Corrective Exercise Plan
  • Smarty Online Training Plan

    Every month
     7 day free trial
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