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Our Partners


Empowering young people to live rodeo through com-
munity building, leadership training and knowledge



To empower youth to be their best selves through the
values and traditions of the rodeo lifestyle.

Performance Pony Company


Our mission at the Performance Pony Company is to provide riders with a quality selection of properly sized bits, tack and accessories for enhanced comfort and better communication with small horses and ponies.

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Rural Health Education

The mission of Rural Health Education is to provide accessible nutrition and health education for rural communities across America. 

Increase accessibility to nutrition and health education for communities through online trainings, speaking engagements and one on one sessions. Online trainings and speaking engagements will be designed for both people in rural areas and providers such as clinics, hospitals and school districts.

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Become a Partner

Help us make a difference

Thank you for your request!

Our partnering individuals and organizations generously support and genuinely believe in the mission of Wolfe & Sons Performance. These impactful contributions are profoundly valued due to there tremendous  progress towards complete integration of strength and conditioning into the sport of rodeo.

Sincere thank you to all our partnerships!   

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